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Generic Viagra Contains Few Side Effects Also

Generic Viagra interact in a certain way with erectile dysfunction that it never looks back in men lives. This medication is generic in nature. Generic word entails, Generic Viagra is sold under its chemical name and does not require any advertising as it is already done by its brand. But point of consideration is the generic Sildenafil got more popularity than its brand i.e. Viagra.


Sildenafil is innermost element of the drug of which it is comprised. It is the same component resides in generic and brand versions of the drug. The main strength of the drug generic Viagra is this chemical only. Its works exceptionally over impotence and throw it away from impotent sufferers lives. But, as it is sure enough that generic Viagra treats ED fantastically, similarly the fact cannot be neglected that it has side effects also.

Accepting openly about the blue drug side effects does not mean that the drug is not so effective. Definitely it is. But at the same time side effects cannot be treated as differently as every drug has them. Generic Viagra has many side effects linked with it. Its adverse effects are divided into two groups- mild and serious ones. Before finalizing on the drug for impotence treatment it is must to be cognizant about drug side effects. It will be helpful to act in a certain manner on their occurrence. Prior moving further about generic Viagra side effects understands that every drug present in the market has side effects inherited in them by birth. So do not be amazed.

Now let’s go in depth of the above two types of generic Viagra side effects. Mild side effects are as per the name completely harmless. Their stay is also only for a while and then disappear on own. Headache, blur vision, joint pain, muscle pain, running nose, diarrhea, stomach upset etc. are its mild side effects. Do not boggle the mind about them. Situation can turn serious if the side effects stay for long time. For stopping the situation from turning worse take medical assistance soon.

Second category of generic Viagra side effects are very harmful for health and should be looked after immediately. They include irregular heartbeats, heart failure, changes in blood pressure level, lasting erection for more than required time, strokes, pain in chest and so on. Good thing is these adverse effects appear very rarely. If after consuming the pill experience any of these side effects firstly stop taking the drug and on the second place, take at once treatment for them.

Knowledge of side effects will help you in preparing for the worse situations.