A guava holds an immense amount of essential properties that provide huge benefits, to the health. A guava cultivates in many of the countries and is found seasonally. It comes in red, green and pink color.


It is greatly found in Asian countries. Its consumption is good for health, hair and skin. It promotes healthy digestive system. It holds a good amount of water and natural sugar. It is rich in the minerals called iron, calcium, magnesium, manganese, phosphorous, potassium, sodium, zinc, and Lycopene. It also includes vitamin A, B, C, and K. It contains sufficient amount of niacin, folate, thiamine, riboflavin, pantothenic acid, beta-carotene, protein and dietary fiber. Hence, consuming such fruits may provide all the required levels of minerals, vitamins and nutrients, to the body. Guava holds carotenoids, polyphenols and antioxidants, which is beneficial to prevent many of the diseases. Red guava contains more of the carotenoids, polyphenols properties. Some of the benefits of consuming guava are listed down in detail.
• Improves bowel function
Since guava is found rich in folate, vitamin C, and fiber, which helps to treat the constipation problem, and improves the movement of bowel system? Fiber facilitates the waste products, to move out and solves the hard tar problem. Fiber develops healthy digestive system. It also prevents from many of the stomach disorders like ulcer, gastric, irritation, etc.
• Good for pregnant women
Consuming guava in pregnancy would be good to develop healthy baby; since guava contains folate. Folate increases the chances of normal delivery, and also diminishes the risk of cervical cancer in female. Sufficient amount of folate intake minimizes the causes of brain tumor, cardiovascular diseases, limb defects, etc. in the fetus. Hence, consuming folate rich food would be beneficial, for the mother and the developing child.
• Boost immune system
Some of the great properties that guava hold are vitamin c, antioxidants, fiber, and many other essential minerals, vitamins, and nutrients that assist to improve, and to develop a healthy immune system. Vitamin C improves the function of the blood by removing toxins, from the body. Further, antioxidant properties prevent from cancer formation, and fight with free radicals. An element called copper in guava improves the function of thyroid glands, and prevent from thyroid defects. Moreover, the manganese presence in guava helps, to absorb the nutrients, from the diet that we intake. Further, magnesium provides relaxed, to the muscles and the nervous system. In addition, existence of copper in guava assists, to generate and to absorb the hormones, in the body.
• Helps to improve the vision
The foodstuffs, which are found rich in vitamin A and beta-carotene, are found helpful to improve the vision, of the eyes and prevent from eyesight damages. People consuming vegetables and fruits regularly get fewer chances, of blindness problem. Vitamin A and beta-carotene, improves the function of the eyes, and prevent from many eye disorders. It protects the retina of the eyes, from getting damage.
• Boost the memory power
Guava assists to promote healthy and active brain; since it contains vitamin C, B3, B6, a pyridoxine, which is good for the nervous system; that facilities the function of nervous and keep the mind calm. A daily intake of guava juice helps, to improve the blood circulation movement, which reduces the risk of strokes, brain attack, etc. Hence, to boost the memory power one may consume guava or guava juice.
• Prevention from cancers
Guava contains some of the essential properties that are found supportive, to get prevented from various cancers. Vitamin C and antioxidants called lycopene components of guava assist, to fight with free radicals, and protect the normal cells, to become abnormal one. It prevents from abdomen cancer, throat cancer, etc.
• Good for diabetes sufferers
It is good for the diabetes sufferers to consume fiber contains food; since the presence of fiber stabilizes the insulin level. Guava is rich in fiber and contains natural sugar, which is good for diabetes patient. Further, consuming fruits and vegetables, which holds a great amount of fiber may be helpful, to the diabetes patient, to stabilize their insulin level.
• Improves blood pressure level
A potassium contains foods are found supportive, to stabilize the blood pressure level. Guava holds a great amount of potassium and pantothenic acid which helps, to reduce and to balance the blood pressure level. Pantothenic acid assists to develop, and to improve the hemoglobin level. Stabilization in blood pressure minimizes the risk of heart attacks, kidney failure, strokes, etc. hence; consuming guava would be good, to maintain healthy cardiovascular system. In addition, reduction in the formation of acne is one of the great benefits of the pantothenic acid.
• Great for hair
Guava is found supportive, to promote healthy and strong hair; since guava holds many of the significant components called vitamin A, B, C, iron, calcium and pantothenic acid. The presence of pantothenic acid helps, to improve the follicles of the hair, and prevent the hair, from getting damaged or drop. A lack of pantothenic acid makes the hair weak and thin. To maintain healthy hair one need, to consume those foods, which is rich in essential minerals, vitamins and nutrients? People can also add guava juice in their daily diet, to get rid of the hair damaged problem.
• Good for skin
Guava holds a sufficient amount of vitamin C, water, potassium, etc. which helps to improve the flow of blood that promote healthy, and attractive skin. Vitamins C eliminate the toxics, from the body and prevent from, many health disorders. Vitamin C acts as a great purifier, of the blood. It minimizes the formation of pimples, itchiness, and many other skin disorders.